Farmhouse in the hearth of Chianti Wine, extra Virgin olive oil, Pecorino Cheese production
Other Products

Other Products

It is obtained from the squeezing of trebbiano, malvasia and sangiovese grapes, once these grapes have obtained an excellent degree of withering, through their being spread on reed gratings, kept in well aired places. The squeezing is usually made during the first half of January. The obtained must is left in oak containers of 40/80 litres and in places with an elevate thermic excursion. After four years the vinsanto is drawn out of the container.

Chick-pea “Pergentino”:
It is a legume typical of Pergine Valdarno. It is a chick - pea of small dimensions, tasty, with a very thin skin which keeps the coking very well. It is a chick-pea specie which at the end of the century had disappeared and which we continue to cultivate today, thanks to the “ keeper” farmer , Mr Angiolo Mattesini, called “Smanna”.

Artichoke under olive-oil:
It is a typical product, which we used to find in a lot of Tuscan families until fifty years ago, with the same perfumes and tastes. At that time they were prepared at home.

We use the best artichokes of spring production , together with the extra virgin olive oil of the first squeezing.

Distilled from dregs of pressed Chianti grapes

Green olives mixed under olive oil

Cream of green and black olives

Dried up tomatoes under olive oil

Porcini mushroom cream

Black truffle carpaccio

Honey made with acacia flowers, chestnut and honey millefiori.

Oil with truffle aroma

Zolfini beans

We have got the possibility to organise buffets, degustation moments, snacks inside our cellar. Get in touch with us to have further information.

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