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Pecorino cheese

Pecorino cheese

Our pecorino cheese is a cheese with a soft or semi hard mixture. It is produced exclusively with whole goat’s milk. The goats are grown up with green fodder or fed on hay, coming from natural pastures within the production area. This allows us to use for our pecorino cheese genuine ingredients, whole milk (100% goat), rennet, salt and milk ferments.
Our pecorino is produced by using traditional systems.

As for the ageing and keeping we use our cellars where both the temperature and the humidity percentage are excellent.

The only one treatment our pecorino receives is to be greased on the surface with extra virgin olive oil, in order to preserve its integrity and the right degree of ageing.
We offer fresh and semi seasoned pecorino cheese, all rigorously seasoned with the same quality standards. We also produce flavoured pecorino cheese (with truffle, chilli and pepper).

In our cellar we offer the possibility to taste our pecorino cheese, served with other products such as marmalades, honey and obviously excellent wines. Everything rigorously of our own production.

We have got the possibility to organise buffets, degustation moments, snacks inside our cellar. Get in touch with us to have further information..

Since we supply a natural product and seen the seasonal productions as well as the not unlimited availability, it is possible that not all the kinds of our pecorino cheese are always available.

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